Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ode to Baker Street

Hey everyone!! If you haven't heard I am moving to Brownsville in January for an eight month missions training school. As of this moment though I am sitting in the infamous Baker Street. I don't know if Baker Street holds as much significance for you as it does for me but I thought I would do my first post on the place I am currently sitting and will soon sit no more:(! I will move on though. So, here is my short ode to Baker Street...As I sat here I began to reflect on my time at Baker Street. Then I was reminded of my first adventures to this place. We moved here just before my senior year of high school started and immediately it seems like I began to meet with Kira Land and a few other girls here at BS. Those were good months of being discipled by her and being held accountable. Then, my freshman year of college I began to meet with Amanda Pfluger once a week here at the infamous BS. We had many times of accountability and growing and struggling. Shortly after we stopped meeting the summer before my junior year of college, I asked Elaine to disciple me. And so the saga continues of being discipled and trained in the Lord here at this place. What sweet moments I have had with her and so much learning and wisdom was and will continually be gleaned from that friendship. All the while, the following February, Alison asked if I would disciple her. And so I Baker Street! We too had sweet moments. I was continually humbled by my inability in and of my own strength but God always proved faithful to meet with us here so that Alison received I pray! I have been blessed by her maturity at such a young age. And now, this day was my last day to meet with Elaine (although we met at her house, which was much more personal!!...we cried over green teapots!! That is another story for another time) for some time. And I will meet with Alison on Saturday. Probably at Baker Street. So, needless to say, Kingdom work takes place at such a place as Baker Street. There have been countless unplanned times of fellowship with believers at this place...not to mention the amount of time studying in this place for crazy college. And for the summer of Pharmacology, Baker Street got rich off the Bebee family and their need for mudslides the day before every test!! Thanks mom! Well, I am sure this blog is long enough and really the ode goes to God because without Him everything good that took place at Baker Street would not have been possible!! That sounds like an Emmy award winner's speech! Anyways, praise Him for the sweet fellowship we can have with His Son and in turn our brothers and sisters in Christ!! He is so good!!