Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ecuador Here I Come!!

Well, today was filled with many challenges...the first being the daily battle against sin. I seemed to be on the front lines today with the battle raging on but Christ being all sufficient and mighty to save!! I hate being a wretched sinner but I love being a child of the King!! Praise the Lord for imputed righteousness all because of Christ....I love it! Well, I leave in approximately 2 and a half hours to hop my first plane of several before making it to Ecuador tomorrow (or today) evening!

I am so excited!! Tomorrow I will get to meet the staff and then fly to Ecuador with them and there serve side by side for the faith of the gospel with them!! What a life we have in Christ!! Oh the richness of Him!!

We will spend one week training and preparing for the day when we get to say "CAMPERS ARE COMING!!!" (Reminds me of good ole Camp Buckner)! Well, I believe the following Friday is when they arrive. We will have two weeks of camp in Ecuador before flying to Canada to continue camp only in a different country. Fun times!

Camp consists of running, breakfast, bible-study with the students (this is where we the staff of M-fuge come in), ministry at different sites/locations, lunch, more ministry, free-time, dinner, camp-wide worship, youth group time, bedtime.

My job basically consists of joy after joy. I have the privilege of teaching through some of the parables in Matthew with the students and then leading them in ministry at different sites in Ecuador and Canada. What a life!

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for me this summer as I teach God's word. Pray I rightly divide it and speak only the truth. Pray that the truth would sink deep in the hearts and the minds of the students that will result in a life of praise to the Father and a desire to make Him known. Pray for the people we will be taking the gospel to in Ecuador and Canada, that God would be mighty to save. Pray for the unity among the staff at Mission Fuge as we labor side by side for the faith of the gospel. Pray for Barrett, the camp pastor, that God would speak through him as his vessel of truth. Pray for those who lead worship, that it wouldn't be about them but that our hearts would be directed to singing praises to our King and Him alone who is worthy of our praise. Pray for steadfastness in all of us, that we would run to win the race and that we would throw off the sin that so easily entangles us and that we would press on to Know Him. Thank you for your prayers!!!!